Secondary remote conection as backup

As a result of the latest problems with the openHAB cloud service, it occurred to me that it might be possible to add a secondary remote connection that acts as a backup of the main one, so that if temporarily it was not possible to connect through the main connection (example:, a direct secondary connection to the host could be established (example: through public IP and redirected port to openHAB instance).

I don’t know it that is possible, but you could set up your own cloud instance:

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I’d probably setup a VPN on your home router and then have the VPN setup on your phone to use in cases when the OpenHAB cloud isn’t working?

Except the 2 options already mentioned, you also have the 3rd one listed here:

NGINX section:


I already set a reverse proxy, and I can directly connect to my openHAB instance by open port exposed in public IP. But I prefer to connect by myopenhab in order to receive push notifications. I would like to automate switching external connection config when cloud service will be down.
I don’t like to have a private instance of openHAB cloud because it will require future updates and maintenance, and I have not the time to do it. I prefer myopenhab option and to contribute to support it.

Aha! you want an additional feature to be implemented in the mobile app to automatically switch over to the secondary remote server whenever is down… ok…

You can open up a issue and specify that this is a feature request on github: (if using the android version)

imho: You want too much and this can be easily achieved by manually modifying the remote server parameters… but you never know… maybe the developers can implement your request… go ahead and post that issue, or even better: a PR proposing the changes.

Remember also that the mobile app developers just pushed a new version of the app and they are dealing with an increased workload to iron out the bugs…

I think that you will agree with me that it’s better to support the platform to become more robust than to create workarounds if it fails.


I just open this issue in github, as you are suggested:

Thank you very much.

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You are welcome!

By the way: If I was the developer of the Android Mobile App, I would automagically reject your request :stuck_out_tongue:

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