Section 'Rule Templates' missing in Automation

I am new in rule templates at all and I am feeling to be an idiot, since I cannot find any rule or blockly template below “Settings>Automation>Languages & Technologies” as described in the docs.

As you see in the screenshot there is no section ‘Rule Templates’ and no section ‘Blockly Templates’ like the docs pointing to.

My question here: What is overseen by myself to install rule templates?
I try to find help since hours on the web… but it seems, I am the only one who’s affected…

I use openhabian 3.4.0 (migrated over the time from 2.something) on a RasPi 4.
Most of the config comes from files, but step by step moving to UI.

May somebody is able to point me to the right direction.

It should look like this in “automation”:

The templates are right below the languages. Your can install with a click.
After that you can select a template when adding a new rule.
Did you check if your server has internet connection?

Thanks for your reply
unfortunately there is no section for templates as it is showcased in my screenshot above.
Do I need to install a basic functionality first? If so, where can I find it.
This drives me crazy, since I am researching a bunch of time now.


I am not sure, but I think maybe the templates are dependent from the scripting language. As you did not install one, this could be the reason why you don‘t see any template.

Hope, this helps.

Hi Henning,
that was my first thought as well, thats why I installed JavaScript Scripting. That´s the same as I see on Lockes screenshot as well…
Therefore I exclude this as the underlying reason.

Thanks for your thoughts anyhow… this is the basic of brainstorming :wink: appreciate it very much!

What a pity….

A little desperate: Did you clean the cache and restart?


Thanks to all of you who helped me here!
Rich Koshak pointed me to Settings>Community Marketplace which need to be enabled.
Checking this setting revealed, that it was already enabled.
But disabling > saving and re-enabling > saving helped at the end to bring up the missing sections in Settings>Automation.
Thanks @rlkoshak!