Secure thermostat not visible in OH

I’ve had Z-Wave Secure Wall Thermostat & Receiver Set for a couple of years and all has worked well. After replacing the batteries in the thermostat (no idea how long they been flat for) i cannot see the thermostat in OH but it still controls the heating. How do re-include in OH please. I can still see the receiver unit in OH.

What version of the OH binding? @chris recommends one of the 2.5 versions. You can add a newer binding to 2.4 if needed.

I’m using the std 2.4 version. how do i add a newer version please and from where can i get it?

OK, the easiest way is with this script.Be sure OH is running so it can remove the old binding.

Thedn delete the Thing from OH & re-add. The thingid stays the same so Items and Rules do not break.