Security risk - RF Systems maybe others?

i wanted to share this video with you…

i also did myself a sweet RF alaram system , then switched to zigbee
then i came a across this video and it got me a litle scared

  • PS, he has great videos

my Q, can zigbee be exposed to this kind of an attack ?

ZigBee is very secure - in general. However, it also depends on how people configure their system as there is a small vulnerability in ZigBee HA which can allow someone to sniff the key when a device is joined (or rejoined). This is generally not possible in ZigBee 3.0, and if your system is configured properly, it’s highly secure.

ZigBee encrypts all data, and uses key counters to avoid reply attacks. You can’t use such a simple hack to attack a ZigBee network, and with correct configuration, ZigBee is as secure as any system available.


thanks chris very nice to hear :slight_smile: