Security System Control by Alexa

Hi there,
I have a Tecnoalarm security System and I can control it by Alexa with his own skill.
There is no binding Tecnoalarm in Openhab.
I can define an "Allarme Item and I can arm disarm my Item sendng commands by rules.
Btw I can’t figure out a Way to define my Item to control the Security system discovered by Alexa (Tecnoalarm skill).
My Item is like this (with no channel)
Group TestAlarm “Allarme” {alexa=“Endpoint.SecurityPanel”}
String TestAlarmMode “Modo Allarme” (TestAlarm) {alexa=“SecurityPanelController.armState” [ARMED_AWAY=“away”,ARMED_STAY=“stay”,ARMED_NIGHT=“night”,DISARMED=“disarm”,supportsPinCodes=true]}

Even if I set the same name (Allarme) Alexa shows 2 different security systems.
Is there a way to control my security system from Openhab?
Thank you.

If you are looking to control an Alexa smart home device not discovered by the OH skill, you should look into the Amazon Echo Control binding.

Thank you Jeremy.
I already tried to use Echo binding. I’m able to start routine. Unfortunately the security system can’t be used in a routine. I should use a “textcommand” echo channel, unfortunately I ca’nt see it.
I’m using a 2.5.x Openhab, I don’t know if upgrading to OH3 there is a better version of the binding which has the ability to send command text. I would upgrade knowing it.
And I don’t know if I have the possibility to disarm the alarm with a numeric code using the echo text command.
Thank you again.

I was referring to the smart home devices capability of the Amazon Echo Control binding. You should be able to model your security system and uses the armState channel to control it. I have personally not used this functionality but that’s the only solution I can see. The Alexa skill is only meant to control devices that are accessible through OH.

Click the button in your amazon echo thing ‘Show More’
There are channels for:
Start a routine
Last voice command
Speak (text to speech)

Thank you Jeremy.
I read carefully the docs on Echo binding and his smart home devices capability, seems the right way.
I have 3 thinghs configured and “online” (Echo, Account and FlashBriefing)
It seems that I should be able to discover a new Smart Home device.
Unfortunately I can’t discover anything, I can only manually do a new one, but I haven’t the ID (of course I can it only if I discover it). The security system is listed into my alexa app.
Is there anything I can try?
Thank you

Hi Andrew,
I can start a routine, unfortunately the security system cannot be a part of the do command of the routine.
The Speak is used to make the Echo speak something (if I understand), I need the Echo answer to a text command lile “arm security system”.

I was going to suggest posting in the echo binding support thread but I can see you already did. Other than that I can’t help much more. I unfortunately haven’t played with this feature as of yet.


I can’t get this picture oug of my head:
The burgular standing outside the window yelling: “Alexa, testAlarmMode disarm”.

I’m Sorry, but :blush::blush::blush:

Yes Jurgen,
you are right. That’s why you also need a pin code when you shout :slight_smile:
I think this is why this security system has an integration only with Alexa and not with Google or homekit, as Alexa is the only one that has a vocal pin code

You pointed me in the right direction. The only step missing was to change the account echo thing to discover Alexa things. Now I can arm/disarm it from OpenHab.
Thank you.

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