Seeking functioning air conditioning with openhab

Hi there,

i am germany based - and need to invest in some air conditioning wihtin some rooms of my house. I want to integrate this one into openhab - as i want to active clima control when photovoltaik is producing enough power to run isolated from external power grid.

Is there any suggestion/ binding to take for integrating an air conditioning system into OH 1.x/ 2? I am currently still open to any system.

Thanks for your assistsance!

Have you already looked at the following bindings?

Samsung AC

Also it’s already heating season I like to add another suggestion here:

I used KNX adapters (IntesisBox) to link our Mitsubishi AC to openHAB via the standard KNX binding.You can control and query every relevant parameter of the AC (on/off, mode, fan, vane, temp, error, scene).

These adapters are also available for other brands of AC like Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic or Toshiba. The only drawback is that you need a KNX bus installation :wink:

Hello @NoTarget

could you please elaborate a bit more on your KNX based solution? I have no experience with it and would like to know how you linked your Mitsubishi AC to OpenHAB.

I myself have four Mitsubishi Heavy industries SRK-25 indoor AC devices and would like to control them. Do I need a box for each of them and how do I actually connect them with the box?

I would be very thankful if you could enlighten me a bit.

Hello Antares2001,

the Intensis Box is a aftermarket KNX interface for a variety of AC vendors. You’ll find more info about the box and supported ACs here:

This gives openHAB access to AC via the KNX binidnig…

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