Selecting temperature for heatpump

Hi, I was able to connect to my EcoTouch heatpump using the ecotouch binding. Works pretty nice!

For temperature adjustment, I have an item:
Number adapt_heating “Heizung Anpassung [%.1f K]” (Heatpump) { ecotouch=“adapt_heating” }

The heatpump frame is rendered in the sitemap as:
Group item=Heatpump label=“Waterkotte”

Now, I’d like to have a selector in the sitemap that let’s me select one of these (valid) values: -2, -1.5, -1, 0.5, 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2

How can I do this?


Hi, i want to do the same thing, but i can´t use negative numbers.

I made a setpoint item, also i made a selection item, but none of them was working.

Setpoint item=HeatPump_adapt_heating minValue=-2 maxValue=2 step=0.5

Selection item=HeatPump_adapt_heating mappings=[-2=minus2, -1=minus1, 0=null0, 1=plus1, 2=plus2]

In earlier versions of openhab there was a bug with negative numbers, but this was fixed by the developer of the ecotouch binding long time ago.

Can someone help me?

I tried the negative values in " also, but not working.

Setpoint item=HeatPump_adapt_heating minValue="-2" maxValue=2 step=0.5
Selection item=HeatPump_adapt_heating mappings=["-2"=minus2, "-1"=minus1, 0=null0, 1=plus1, 2=plus2]

I found out, what was wrong.

It works, if you use this line:

Setpoint item=HeatPump_adapt_heating minValue=-2.0 maxValue=2.0 step=0.5

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@helloween: This means now it is possible to write values/send commands to the EcoTouch heat pump?
(I am asking because the binding description says: “currently all values are read only”.)

I´m in contact with the developer of the binding. I have a test-version, where you can read/write much more tags. We have found out lots of possible tags.

I can give you the latest test-version, working fine here. The developer wants to clean up the code before he updates the binding on github, and the wiki description is very very old.

Here you can see the available tags:

There will come some more tags in a future version and one or two of the actual tags are not described with the right name. But 99% of it works like a charm.

I want to control warmwater-heating with openhab. Waterkotte Ecotouch inbuilt-functionality is a little bit simple and small in some areas.

But with openhab i can control a lot more.

For example you can only set a time-programm with 1 heating-time per day - inside this heating-time you can make 2 smaller times with higher or lover values.

But you can not make 2 or more independent warmwater-heating-times on one day. With openhab and the ecotouch-binding you can controll this much better.

Or you can read out your local photovoltaic and if there is enough power you can send higher values to the heating pump to use more of your own power.

I am currently looking for a heatpump for my house and one important point for me is that i can control it via openhab.
I have some similar usecases in mind. As it will likely be an air source heat pump I want to be able to perform some noise reducing actions at specific points in time. Therefore I need to switch on/off the heat pump or limit the power. Is this for example possible with the tag COMPRESSOR_POWER? Or is this just a read tag?

You can enable the waterkotte heatpump or disable, but this heatingpump cannot modulate its power. In the settings there is some place to change the power, but i don´t know which model of waterkotte can do this. My one can´t do it, it has only one power setting with 100% (6kW thermal output).

If i would buy a new one, i would buy a nibe heatingpump - there is a new model which can modulate its power and the heating pump control is like a dream. But i don´t know about air heating pump, i have a brine collector.

For nibe there is also a binding for openhab.

There will be a new version of ecotouch binding soon. There you can control the photovoltaik-sensor.

So you can send a command to the heatingpump with openhab, when there is much power from your photovoltaic to start heating with higher temperature. Or you can build your own switch to simply switch on warm water production.

I will get a test version from the developer the next few days.

Did you get any update from them? It seems that the waterkotte binding is not under further development.
Nevertheless i created an example that works with indirekt connection of photovoltaik and heating system:

Hi guys, if someone is willing and able to work on that binding i would like to support.
(I’m an experienced software developer (java, c+, etc.) that did wrote not code for about 3 years now, only stuff like rules little python etc.)

For me it is working with my ecotouch hetpump and the photovoltaic functionality…

I have the email adress of the developer of the ecotouch binding (you can see it in the comments in a post above). He told me some weeks ago, he wants to update the binding to oh2.

I don’t have direct connection to the pv inverter, i only read out my power meters.