Selection depends on AC status

Now I am trying on my sitemap to do a selection but I’ve a problem, I want to make a selection that change depends on the air conditioner status (heat, cool) , It is possible?
if the AC status: HOT
Selection item=ac_temp mappings= [26= “26 Degrees”,27=“27 Degrees”]
if the AC Status: Cool
Selection item=ac_temp mappings= [16= “16 Degrees”,17=“17 Degrees”]

Hope you got me :smiley:

Help :frowning:

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you are asking for help with using Visibility in a sitemap…

Selection visibility=[ac_status == "HOT"] item=ac_temp mappings= [26= “26 Degrees”,27=“27 Degrees”]
Selection visibility=[ac_status == "COLD"] item=ac_temp mappings= [16= “16 Degrees”,17=“17 Degrees”]

I’m guessing you don’t actually have an ac_status Item, but you can easily make a rule to update an Item for this purpose.