Selection item with mqtt bindings does not change state until page refresh


I have been getting familiar with OH2 and have run into an oddity. When I bind a selection item to mqtt the selection item no longer updates after selection. When I change selection the mqtt message is sent but the visible state does not change on the selection item. After refreshing the page however the item shows the correct state so the persistence is correct.

here is the setup…

in the sitemap:
Selection item=doorState label=“Door State” mappings=[0=“Normal Operation”, 1=“Open Any”, 2=“Admin Only”, 3=“Lock Open”,4=“Lock Out”,5=“Out of Service”]

in the items file:
Number doorState “Door State” {mqtt=">[mosquitto:openhab/doorstate:command:0:default],>[mosquitto:openhab/doorstate:command:1:default],>[mosquitto:openhab/doorstate:command:2:default],>[mosquitto:openhab/doorstate:command:3:default],>[mosquitto:openhab/doorstate:command:4:default],>[mosquitto:openhab/doorstate:command:5:default]"}

mqtt settings:

Not sure if anyone has seen this but it will cause the user to think the item is broken and cause unnecessary messages as the user will try to change the state multiple times.

I just updated OH2 to the lastest snapshot… The selection item still does not update until after a refresh. However now after I refresh it once the item begins to update on selection.

I have the same problem.
someone have a solution?