Self powered (kinetic) switch / buttons (433 MHz)

I have integrated Sonoff Bridge to my OH2 system for receiving PIR messages as well as water leakage sensor messages. Also I should receive soon wireless door bell with kinetic button. That should be handy since I try to steal the door push button message to OH2 and may send Telegram message to phones.

I was just wondering if any of you have made research if there is any low budget kinetic switches available. If you are looking for Aliexpress or Ebay, there seems to be quite lot of pure switched which are powered by button battery, or kinetic switches which cames always with receiver (door bel or something else).

Anyone know good source for pure 433 MHz kinetic switch only?

If not, maybe need to go with one of the battery powered (garage door remote style switches or wall mounted button battery powered switches).

These kind of kinetic switches could be spread all over house to switch lights etc. where not wanted to reach your phone to do same. For example simple switch light of while bed etc.

Just something I just ordered for test purposes (button battery powered though):

Would appreciate your times and comments. Thank you.