Semantic class and tags for rules, and different treatment of jsondb rules vs others

What’s the best use for semantic class in rules? Location seems obvious, but can’t location actually be sometimes inferred from the locations (if set) of the rules triggers (unless they’re in different places, in which case “location” may not be a good concept for the tile).

What do people use tags for? Are both used later in Pages to help show related things?

They both seem important if they are going to be used for organization. Right now, rules that come from .rules cannot be tagged with those though, since they are locked. Will that kind of metadata be able to be added in the jsondb whilst the rule itself may live somewhere else (.rules, any JSR223 rule file, …)?

Rules showing locks:

Edit of the first locked rule: no metadata.

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Good questions, I don’t have an answer neither. Only thing I can add are some more potential tags:

  • schedule is another Tag mentioned in a tutorial. I use this one to switch of lights in our garden at midnight.

  • I have rules which work as watch dogs (ie. checking if a wind-sensor did not become stuck)

  • Rules that transform data into different data (ie. compile a string item from different items).

Would be nice if I could tag those rules in order to keep things organized…