Semantic class "blinds" not available for rollershutters?

Running the latest OH3.2 - and I just noticed, that some of my rollershutters are not listed at the tab for roller shutters.

Now I found out, that they should be “semantic class=blinds” to show up the generated tab - but I don’t have this option at the rollershutter elements:

What I’m missing here? Thanks!

Your item needs to be member of a blinds equipment group. That should do the trick.

But there is no such (parent) group for items. Where do I need to set this?

You‘d better watch our Youtube video about the semantic model.
You need to create a group item with the semantic tags Equipment->Blinds and set it ad parent group for your rollershutter item.

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Thank you, that was it! I had the group already, but the semantic class was „Equipment“ which I changed now to „Blinds“ - and now they are showing up!