Semantic Model: Additional Parent Groups

I just started from scratch to get my items from file based configurations to UI based.
And I love the "Create Equipment from Things" a lot - that makes it much easier!

For specific Groups I had in my previous setup (e.g. Group of Smartphones for presence detection) I added the Wifi Switch (active switch from TR064 binding representing the router) of the smartphones to the newly created Smarphone group.
These are shown in the Model as I would expect:

In the Group above (Alles aus (All Off) I intend to have a switch representing the major things / items to be switched of in case presence is OFF or during night time.
This group is of the type below and contains switches only:

Unfortunately none of these switches is shown in the Semantic Model (like the smartphones).
The switch “AllOff” works as expected though

Is there something obvious I miss here?

Not every group or item must be included in the semantic model. The semantic model expects all points to be members of only one equipment and therefore doesn’t render properly if this expectation is broken. The idea of the semantic model is really to be a representation of the physical layout of your system and it doesn’t make sense to model something as being in two physical places at once.

There’s no one right answer to how you use the model, but in this case, I’d say that your Alles aus switch is more of a functional group than a physical group and there is no benefit to including it as part of the semantic model. In most systems that use the semantic model you expect to see many such functional, non-semantic items.

Thank you, @JustinG Justin.
I never thought this way.
My expectation was that all items should be in the Semantic Model and this was the mistake in the first place.
I guess I need to think about this, but creation of the equipment (and all items) from things is so much easier than doing it for single items.

I completely agree. And for much of that initial setup of your actual devices I strongly encourage the use of the semantic model. But, it is worth pointing out that the model is not actually required at all. OH will work just fine without putting any of your items into the model. It is used by the MainUI to generate the equipment, location, and property tabs on the overview page, some secondary UIs weight as HabBot use it for actual semantic understanding of command, and some custom rules and widgets take advantage of it for convenience. Otherwise, it is just one particular method of organizing some of your items.

Thanks - will do.
And possibly remove some of the semantic tagging after item creation.
I am still in the first part of the learning curve, but I already like the “new” approach.
Also tagging for Alexa control is much easier.
Thanks again for the clarification and your help.
Have a great rest of the year :slight_smile: