Semantic Model empty

I’m using openhabian with openHAB Snapshot. Two days ago I updated to the latest snapshot. After that update my semantic model only shows entries when I check the “show non-semantic” option.

Switching to openHAB milestone has the same error.

Switching to openHAB Release brings back the semantic model entries.

Anyone knows the reason or how to analyse this behavior?

Maybe some issue with the new feature (dynamic semantic tags - i.e. you can ‘invent’ your own tags)

Try “reload app” In “about & help”.
Or just exiting and reopening Main UI.

I created a big semantic model in openHAB 4.0.1. Everything was ok. But since today my model (in Administration → Einstellungen → Model) is empty. Th UI only displays “Beginne den Startbildschirm zu gestalten…”. The location items are still there.
“Anwendung neu laden”, restarting browser, restarting openhab service and rebooting Raspberry PI doesn’t help. Any ideas?

Today I installed the latest snapshot of openHAB and this fixed the issue.

Do you know the timeline for an official release with this bugfix? I don’t want to play around with snapshots because my system is productive.