Semantic Model for Lights

I couldn’t find a definitive (if there is such a thing) information about how to set up my semantic model tags for lights. Here’s what I do with my lights:

Group   LivingRoom_Light_Bulb        (gLocation)              ["Lightbulb"]

Switch  LivingRoom_Light             (LivingRoom_Light_Bulb)  ["Control", "Light"]
Dimmer  LivingRoom_Light_Brightness  (LivingRoom_Light_Bulb)  ["Control", "Level"]
// There is no "Color" Property so this is just a custom tag
Color   LivingRoom_Light_Color       (LivingRoom_Light_Bulb)  ["Control", "Color"]
Dimmer  LivingRoom_Light_CT          (LivingRoom_Light_Bulb)  ["Control", "ColorTemperature"]

This is how it looks like in MainUI

I’m posting this information here because for over a year, I’ve been using the Power property for my Switch item and Light for my Brightness. I’ve just discovered that I’ve been doing it “wrong”. The Main UI looks for Light to show the light status of the room. Some of my lights don’t have brightness control, so Main UI ignored its status. Setting the on/off status as Light made MainUI take note of them. On the other hand, my lights that have both Switch and Brightness will show up as “ON” in Main UI when the brightness was > 0 even though the Switch is off.