Semantic model form items file

Hello and thanks for the very good support of the community!

I followed the tutorial “[[OH3] Semantic Model setup via tags in configuration Items files]” and set up my item files to populate the semantic model. That worked well as shown followed

Unfortuantly that works only for the Astro items. I also tried it with my hue items. With no success for the location indoor.

Does anyone experiense the same problem?

can you be a bit more specific ? Maybe share your thing and item file and state what you would expect to happen ?

I want to have my semantic model populated by the item file. Furthermore the main UI page for location should show for example “indoor > ground floor > kitchen > Switch”

Following my item file with the groups and the tags for the semantic model. In this case the enocean items. The hue item file uses the groups from the enocean item file.

Group grEnocean //Gruppe für Enocean Geräte

//Location Indoor
Group grIndoor "Innen" ["Indoor"]
Group grEG "Erdgeschoss" (grIndoor) ["GroundFloor"]
Group grDG "Dachgeschoss" (grIndoor) ["FirstFloor"]
Group grFlur "Hausflur" (grIndoor) ["Floor"]

//Sub Location of Indoor
Group Dusche "Dusche" (grEG) ["Bathroom"]
Group grHWR "Hauswirtschaftsraum" (grEG) ["BoilerRoom"]
Group Gast "Büro" (grEG) ["Office"]
Group Terrasse "Terrasse" (Outdoor) ["Terrace"]
Group Wohnen "Wohnzimmer" (grEG) ["LivingRoom"]
//Group Kueche "Küche" (grEG) ["Kitchen"]
Group grKuecheEssen "Küche und Esszimmer" <kitchen> (grEG) ["Kitchen"]
Group grKochinsel "Kochinsel" <kitchen> (grKuecheEssen) ["Kitchen"]
Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) grTresen "Küchentresen" (grKuecheEssen) ["Kitchen"]
Group:Dimmer:AVG grTresenColor "Küchentresen Farbtemperatur [%d]" (grTresen) ["Kitchen"]
Group:Dimmer:AVG grTresenBrightness "Küchentresen Helligkeit [%d]" (grTresen) ["Kitchen"]
Group:Rollershutter:OR(UP,DOWN) grKuecheRollo "Rollos Küche & Essen" (grKuecheEssen) ["Kitchen"]

//Group Essen "Esszimmer" (grEG) ["DiningRoom"]
Group Bad "Bad" (grDG) ["Bathroom"]
Group Kind1 "Felix Zimmer" (grDG) ["Bedroom"]
Group Kind2 "Spiel Zimmer" (grDG) ["FamilyRoo"]
Group Schlafen "Schlafzimmer" (grDB) ["Bedroom"]
Group grHauseingang "Hauseingang" (Outdoor) ["Entry"]
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF)  grKueche_Licht

//Groups for rules
Group grRolloEG
Group grRolloDG
Group grRolloTueren
Group grRolloAuto
Group grAussen

//Switch          BuroLichtGeneralSwitch   "General switch" <light>   {channel="enocean:centralCommand:FT3OLS5T:cc236:generalSwitch"}
//Switch Wohnen_Licht "Wohnen Licht" <light> (grEnocean, Wohnen) {channel="enocean:rockerSwitch:FT3OLS5T:R33r232:generalSwitch"}


Switch Hauseingang_Licht "Hauseingang Licht" <light> (grEnocean, grHauseingang)["Switch"] {channel="enocean:centralCommand:FT3OLS5T:K12r201:generalSwitch"}

Switch Flur_unten_Licht "Flur unten Licht" <light> (grEnocean, grFlur ) ["Switch"] {channel="enocean:centralCommand:FT3OLS5T:K11r205:generalSwitch"}

Switch Treppe_Licht_Spots "Treppe Licht Spots" <light> (grEnocean, grFlur ) ["Switch"] {channel="enocean:centralCommand:FT3OLS5T:K13r203:generalSwitch"}

    Switch Steckdose_Terasse_Eingang "Steckdose Terasse Eingang" <poweroutlet> (grEnocean , grAussen)["Switch"] {channel="enocean:centralCommand:FT3OLS5T:K81r200:generalSwitch"}

Switch Kochinsel_Licht_indirekt "Kochinsel indirekt An/Aus" <light> (grEnocean, grKochinsel )["Switch"] {channel="enocean:centralCommand:FT3OLS5T:K91r217:generalSwitch"}


Rollershutter Kueche_links_Rollo "Kueche links Rollo [%d %%]" <blinds> (grEnocean, grRolloEG, grRolloAuto,grKuecheRollo) ["Switch"]{channel="enocean:rollershutter:FT3OLS5T:K101r217:rollershutter", autoupdate="false"}

  Rollershutter Kueche_rechts_Rollo "Kueche Tür Rollo [%d %%]" <blinds> (grEnocean, grRolloEG, grRolloTueren,grKuecheRollo)["Switch"] {channel="enocean:rollershutter:FT3OLS5T:K102r217:rollershutter", autoupdate="false"}           Rollershutter Bad_Rollo "Bad Rollo [%d %%]" <blinds> (grEnocean, Bad , grRolloDG, grRolloAuto) ["Switch"]{channel="enocean:rollershutter:FT3OLS5T:K181r515:rollershutter", autoupdate="false"}

Can you just try to assign only one group to one of the switches? If this is working, try to shuffle the order of the groups.
e.g. (grHauseingang)
e.g. (grEnocean, grHauseingang) -> (grHauseingang, grEnocean)

Thanks for your help.

I tried to shuffle the group names. I also reduced it to only one per item. Doesn’t worked so far.
I also tried to import my item file to the database, but without success.

I will try today, a complete new item file, with a separate location structure. Maybe that will help?

I gues I just share my setup. The groups:

Group    gHaus                "Haus"             <house>          (rrOnChange, rrEveryHour)    [ "Building" ]

Group    gKG                  "Keller"           <cellar>         (gHaus)                      [ "Basement" ]
Group    gEG                  "Erdgeschoss"      <groundloor>     (gHaus)                      [ "GroundFloor" ]
Group    gOG                  "Erster Stock"     <firstfloor>     (gHaus)                      [ "FirstFloor" ]
Group    gGarage              "Garage"           <garage>         (gHaus)                      [ "Garage" ]
Group    gGarten              "Garten"           <garden>         (gHaus)                      ["Garden"]

Group    gKG_Flur             "Kellerflur"       <corridor>       (gKG)                        [ "Corridor" ]
Group    gKG_Werkstatt        "Werkstatt"        <office>         (gKG)                        [ "Room" ]
Group    gKG_HeizungKeller    "Heizungsraum"     <gas>            (gKG)                        [ "LaundryRoom" ]
Group    gKG_Gaeste           "Gästezimmer"      <parents_4_3>    (gKG)                        [ "GuestRoom" ]
Group    gKG_Abstellkeller    "Abstellkeller"    <suitcase>       (gKG)                        [ "Cellar" ]
Group    gEG_WC               "WC"               <toilet>         (gEG)                        [ "Bathroom" ]
Group    gEG_Arbeitszimmer    "Arbeitszimmer"    <office>         (gEG)                        [ "Office" ]
Group    gEG_Kueche           "Küche"            <kitchen>        (gEG)                        [ "Room" ]
Group    gEG_Wohnen           "Wohnzimmer"       <sofa>           (gEG)                        [ "LivingRoom" ]
Group    gEG_Flur             "Flur"             <wardrobe>       (gEG)                        [ "Entry" ]
Group    gOG_Bad              "Badezimmer"       <bath>           (gOG)                        [ "Room" ]
Group    gOG_Schlafen         "Schlafzimmer"     <bedroom>        (gOG)                        [ "Bathroom" ]
Group    gOG_Nora             "Nora"             <girl_3>         (gOG)                        [ "Room" ]
Group    gOG_Leo              "Leo"              <boy_3>          (gOG)                        [ "Room" ]

Now if I want to assign a light bulb to a room, that bulb gets two infos: the location (make it a member of one of the groups that are defined above) and the function (the “Lightbulb” tag).

Switch Flutlicht "Flutlicht" <light> (gGarten, gLight) ["Lightbulb","Switchable"] {channel="homematic:HMW-IO-12-Sw14-DR:ccu:MEQ0808172:9#STATE"}

the same for the hue lights, only that I assigned those to be a “lightStripe” so they show up in a different cluster in the UI:

Color    Light1_Color    "LeoHue1"          (gOG_Leo, gLight)          ["LightStripe","Switchable"]    {channel="hue:0200:ecb5fa19caeec:bulb1:color"}
Color    Light2_Color    "LeoHue2"          (gOG_Leo, gLight)          ["LightStripe","Switchable"]    {channel="hue:0200:ecb5fa19caeec:bulb2:color"}
Color    Light3_Color    "WerkstattHue1"    (gKG_Werkstatt, gLight)    ["LightStripe","Switchable"]    {channel="hue:0200:ecb5fa19caeec:bulb3:color"}
Color    Light4_Color    "WerkstattHue2"    (gKG_Werkstatt, gLight)    ["LightStripe","Switchable"]    {channel="hue:0200:ecb5fa19caeec:bulb4:color"}

You can even define a group for your item BUT do assign the member of the group that you want to appear in the GUI directly to the room. Just assigning the group to the room doesn’t work.

Group gShellyDimmer1 (gKG_Flur, gShellyDimmer)
Dimmer DimmerBrightness_131 "Fellerflur Helligkeit"          <dimmer>        (gShellyDimmer1,gKG_Flur,gLight)    ["Lightbulb", "Setpoint"]          {channel="shelly:shellydimmer:F3E914:relay#brightness"}

One thing to note: The GUI does not show emtpy tiles. That means that if you do not assign any devices to a room, the tile for that room will not be shown.
But your model should show up in the MainUI settings / model tab:

Just for the sake of completeness: here you find all available semantic tags:

Hope that helps

Thanks a lot for your answers!

My items show up in the semantic model. But no item tile show up in the MainUI. I tested to add only one group to the item. I also cleared the cache. I made a complete new item file for the groups. But the tiles don’t show up, if I define them from file. Everything is shown in the semantic model within Settings Menu.

I’ll keep on trying!!!

The solution for me was to nest every point in a equiptment. I thought that is not needed, because I read it in the tutorial. Or read it wrong…

Thanks a lot to your helpful answers!!!

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