Semantic Models/Overview & Badges

Just migrated to OH3 and started playing with the semantic model and overview page.
Love the feature that your GUI would be auto generated through some tagging.

The only issue I have is that my location card gets quickly cluttered and clumsy.

So for example say I have a Living Room with 6 lights, 2 windows, a sliding door and a temp/hum sensor.
I setup my tags like this:

Indoor [“Indoor”]
├─ FirstFloor [“FirstFloor”]
****├─ LivingRoom [“LivingRoom”]
*******├─ Light x [“Light”]
*******├─ Window x [“Window”]
*******├─ SlideDoor [“Door”]
*******├─ Sensor Temp [“Temperature”]
*******├─ Sensor Hum [“Humidity”]

With this configuration the card itself looks great !
You can see the floor name, room name, some awesome badges that gives you a quick insight what is going on (2 lights are on, 1 door is open and you can see temp/hum).

However if I want to use the card, like for example switch a light off its all a bit clumsy:

The first tab are equipments and the equipment aren’t even controllable they are readonly items (window contact sensors).
To switch a light off I always have to go to properties and then find my item in a flat list.

So how do I get rid of the readonly items and have the lights more seperated from other properties ?
I tried alot of things but everything I tried for improving the listing of items result in removing the cool badges. I tried:

  • Changing light to lightbulb tag → this wil break the badges
  • Change the door to opening tag → this wil break the badges
  • Group the lights → this wil break the badges
  • untag items I dont want in my list → this wil break the badges

And some other trial and error stuff I tried.
Am I doing something wrong ? I should use more equipment tags but then the badges don’t work :confused:

Also how do I get the sectioning in my list ? I can’t get them to work, for example:

This has to do with how you have formatted your model. You have many items as direct children of the location groups, and these show up in the properties tab. The standard way of formatting the model is that in the location group you have an equipment group and in that equipment group you have all the items related to that one piece of equipment. Something like this:
Breakfast Light is an equipment item (a group item with the equipment semantic label), and the actual items are children of that equipment group.

@JustinG Thanks that did the trick for the lights !

I already tried grouping through equipment but I think I messed it up by creating an aggregated group.
So now I got this:

With the result:

Except my door badge is broken now, what tags do you need to use for a door ?
Door is an equipment itself so maybe you cant group them ? How can I seperate them then with a section ?

Found a solution after some trial and error. As explained alot equipments must be viewed as groups and the childs has to be properties or points.

So to make the badges work keep this rule in mind, so to group equipments I need to tag my doors or window contacts as a point so the solution is to use OpenState for my doors and windows:

It will look like this then: