Semi-random text labels appearing in BasicUI

Running OH 3.4.4 and seeing an odd issue when creating button layouts in Basic UI: Semi-random labels or item names are being inserted in the layout.

E.g. “Show Context Menu” and “audionextlanguage” below:

from this segment of the sitemap:

				Switch icon="" label="" item=kodiTheater_Input	mappings=[Home="Home", Up="ᐃ", Info="Info"]
				Switch icon="" label="" item=kodiTheater_Input 	mappings=[Left="ᐊ", Select="OK", Right="ᐅ"]
				Switch icon="" label="" item=kodiTheater_Input	mappings=[Back="Back", Down="ᐁ", ContextMenu="..."]
				//playback controls (don't use built-in "control" item, it blows)
				Switch icon="mediacontrol" label="" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[stop="☐", play="ᐅ", pause="||"]
				Switch icon="" label="" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[bigstepback="<<", stepback="<", stepforward=">", bigstepforward=">>"]
				//Audio/subtitle controls
				Switch icon="text" label="Subtitles" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[showsubtitles="Show", cyclesubtitle="Cycle"]
				Switch icon="time" label="Subtitle Delay" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[subtitledelayminus="-", subtitledelayplus="+"]
				Switch icon="soundvolume" label="Audio" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[audionextlanguage="Language"]
				Switch icon="time" label="Audio Delay" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[audiodelayminus="-", audiodelayminus="+"]
				Switch icon="" label="" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[number1="1", number2="2", number3="3"]
				Switch icon="" label="" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[number4="4", number5="5", number6="6"]
				Switch icon="" label="" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[number7="7", number8="8", number9="9"]
				Switch icon="" label="" item=kodiTheater_Action mappings=[null="", number0="0", null=""]

As you can see, it’s not really random, it seems to be pulling an Item name OR label from the sitemap.

Am I doing something dumb to cause this?

I had this too.

label="some Text []" 

With this brackets I solved my problem.

Nice, that fixed it for me too, thanks!