Send a silent message with telegram

Hi, today with a question aboutr telegram new function. Is there a way to send a silent message? It’s a messager without notification.

As it is not described in the telegram binding documentation I doubt that this feature is supported.
You may raise a request for that at

Just add to your script.


in my script it is like


# Send Telegram message silent mode

curl -s -X POST ""$token"/sendMessage" -F chat_id=$SendMsgTo -F  "text=This has been sent to Telegram in silent mode." -F "disable_notification=$disableNot"

exit 0

Sorry for my ignorance, but this is not a linux console script?

Yes it is

The complete content of the block in the code fences is content of a linux shell script.
The first line ( #!/bin/sh ) is the interpreter to be used for that script.

Thanks, but I was trying to achieve this using telegram binding