Send a TTS to Amazon Echo Device using the Alexa App and a rules file

I was searching for help with using the new binding and found this thread which helped me to figure out (and share here) a simple way to include notifications to Echo-type devices in your rules files. It is done in conjunction with the Alexa app.

If you have the most current Amazon Echo Control binding installed, then you need to create an item linked to the “start a routine” channel for your Echo device thing. If you cannot find it, you have to find the “show more” link at the top right side of the channels page of Paper UI to expand the channels list.

In this example, the linked item will be called “EchoPlus_StartARoutine”

First decide what message you want Alexa to state, then open the Alexa app. The app will be used to create a routine that can be triggered in your OH rule. In the app, add a new routine, and its name (“When this happens”, then “Voice”) can be anything you want to identify the message. Mine will be called “garage status open”. For add action, select the “Alexa says” type and write out your “Custom” text to be spoken.

Now you can add the spoken message in your rules by adding a simple line. Using my example item and routine it will look like this:

EchoPlus_StartARoutine.sendCommand("garage status open")

That’s it!

Alternatively, you can use the “Speak” channel and place the text-to-speech directly in the rule. If your Speak-linked item is called “EchoPlus_Speak” try this in your rules file:

EchoPlus_Speak.sendCommand("this is a test")