Send command to zigbee device from gateway

Hello. i have Aqara lamp. It works by zigbee. I connecte to gateway by UART and see all commands that gateway send and get. I ave seen {"id":19890,"sid":"lumi.158d00045ccaf3","model":"lumi.light.aqcn02","method":"props","params":{"power_status":"off"}}
this command to aqara lamp. How can I send commands to my lamp? It should work because I seen comamnds to use online radio.

The format you have seen is called JSON. Sometimes knowing what to search for helps.

I know) a asked how can I use it) Can I use miio to send command to unsupported device

Sorry, I do not know.


it work like any other device: link a channel to an item and you can send commands to the item via PaperUI, the app or with sendCommand(…) in a rule.

Hope this helps