Send error notifications through Rest API

Hi everyone,

i connected an I2C LCD display on my raspberry pi 3. Now i want to show on the LCD the status of openhab and also show error notification. Can Rest API send any error informations of Openhab?

I would be grateful for every good idea.

At a general level, openHAB’s REST API doesn’t send anything anywhere. If you have some sort of app that wants to get information from OH it needs to request that data from OH’s REST API. Alternatively you need to configure Items and rules to have OH publish notifications.

As for errors, if you have errors in rules you can publish error notifications through your rules. If you have MQTT set up you can set up a Last Will and Testament message (message that gets sent when the Broker detects the client is no longer connected) and a little script to get notification when OH goes offline. Beyond that there is no built in mechanism to get reports on internal OH errors. For that you will need something else to monitor OH and report the errors.