Send image to Echo Show

Thread title says it all… is it possible to send an image to an Echo Show device?
Use case would be a camera snapshot that’s created when an audio alarm is detected.

Sending an image sounds like an action that is not supported.
As far as I understand the alexa concept actions always need to be started by a user.
In this case it would be a command like “alexa show me the … cam”.
There is an other thread where a user asked if it is possible to show a live stream of a cam.

Not sure if that works but could you try to setup a webpage that would show be shown on request on the echo. Then the command to be used would be “alexa open firefox”. Try to define a homepage for your webpage. In the alexa app you can define actions/functions which can be triggered from within openhab. Trigger your defined to open the webpage with your image then.

That was me actually asking for a live stream on Echo Show :smiley:

Well, since it is possible to send voice prompts to Echo devices based on OH events, I was wondering if a similiar scenario would be possible with with images…

I don’t believe this is possible. One thing to note is that with the upcoming skill camera integration, it includes a static image support when requesting a stream (Alexa, show me <camera>). That image is expected to be displayed on the echo device while the stream is being fetched.