Send Number value to rotary encoder on espeasy


I want to use a wemo with espeasy (build: 20111 - Mega) and a rotary encoder to control the volume of my sonos box. I can receive the number value of the rotary encoder from the espeasy per MQTT on openhab (version 2.5.9), but first of all I want to set the value of the rotary encoder equal to the value of the sonos box. The reason is, that the rotary encoder sends absolut values an no relative ones. The Mqtt state topic to receive the encoder value is:

Can somone point me to the right direction for the command topic to set the start value of the encoder or is this not possible? At the end I want to connect the Things of the rotary encoder and the sonso volume.

Thank you for your help and have a nice sunday!



What rotary encoder are you using as some can have a programed zero?

If that is the only thing on the 8266 then you can use this example. It is much better as it is stateless and you can connect it directly to your volume item in openhab.

Thank you for your help!
I found an other solution:
I use mqttimport on the esp to get the volume value of the sonos player and with a espeasy rule I can transver the value to the rotary encoder.

hi, maybe you can help me after 1 year :slight_smile: how did you resolved? How is done the rule to set the value to rotary encoder? I’m already able to send the value from my domotic hub to esp via mqtt import.
thanx in advance

Sorry but my solution does not work after an update of the esp software. If you find a solution please let me know.

Sorry that I could not help you!