Send specific string via ethernet

Hello to all,

I hope someone could help me to configure out my simple project i’m newbe with openhub and i’m trying to send two different commands to one specific ip address, normally other programming languages, for example with python if i have to activate one relay I have to use the command below:

s.sendto('RELAY-SET-1,1,1'.encode(),('', 4196)) #Turn First Light ON

for power of the same ralay I have to:
s.sendto('RELAY-SET-1,1,0'.encode(),('', 4196)) #Turn First Light OFF → ip of my device
4196 → comunication port
RELAY-SET-1,1,0 → RELAY-SET- 1, “first ralay”,“if = 0 status is off, if = 1 status is on”

thanks to all in advance


You’ll probably want a bit more “how” detail - HTTP, UDP ?

There are different possibilities.
You could use executeCommanLine to run scripts ( e.g. python ) or you could use the HABapp

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