Send status notification of a item help

Hello everyone. I need help. I built a rule for automatic arming of the perimeter alarm during the evening, only in the event that all windows and doors are closed. I would like to send a notification if the alarm cannot be armed with the list of doors or windows were open. Thanks in advance

Not sure what you need?

if (all the windows closed) {
   arm alarm
} else {
   send complaint message

thanks, but this rule has already been created. I need to include in the notification which door or window is left open.

Simplest, you could iterate through a Group of member windows filtered by OPEN, and add each label to a string to include in your message.

See Design Pattern: Working with Groups in Rules for some examples of rossko57’s recomendation.

sorry for my ignorance, now I read everything and try. thanks

It’s not at all obvious how to select details of multiple Items.
I don’t suppose this is the only way either, but Groups are convenient to work with (as you probably already found out in the alarm setting rule)