sendBroadcastNotification not working in OH3

Using the command: sendBroadcastNotification I got an error message as follows in info-log:

2021-01-18 11:30:00.523 [ERROR] [internal.handler.ScriptActionHandler] - Script execution of rule with UID ‘Schnarch_cron_OFF-1’ failed: The name ‘sendBroadcastNotification’ cannot be resolved to an item or type; line 8, column 2, length 60 in Schnarch_cron_OFF

The rule … schnarch.rules as txt-file:
Schnarch_cron_OFF.rules.txt (222 Bytes)

Can anybody explain what is wrong or what to do to get it to work in OH 3

Details for the system are listed at the end

Thanks for any help
Excuse my english and maybe the wrong top underneath i put this post

Platform information:
ii openhab 3.0.0-1 all openhab
ii openhab-addons 3.0.0-1 all

openhabian 1.6.2

Tinkerboard 2GB RAM

Debian Buster

I’ve just upgraded to OH3 and haven’t had the gumption to rewrite all my rules so I’ve moved them wholesale and have also run into this issue.

I’m using a pi4/raspbian buster with the latest apt installed OH3


I’m experiencing the same issue however only on systemstart, maybe could be some timing issue that all librarys isn’t loaded before rules load. But I only get this error in one or three outof maybe 20 lines contaning same action. When system is up’n’ running I do gett the notification created by those lines my warnings indicate.

I’m on a netbooted RPI 3b+ without sdcard.