Sendcommand(int) is undefined for the type number

Hello together,

im facing a strange issue and I cant understand it.

I have an Number item called “TodayTemperatureSet” which i like to send a command. In VS Code im getting an error in a rule telling me

The method sendCommand(int) is undefined for the type Number(org.eclipse.xtext.diagnostics.Diagnostic.Linking)

But I got a lot other items that are working fine with the same format.
Here is a comparison of 2 items

//not working:
Number:Temperature    TodayTemperatureSet         "Heutige Zieltemperatur [%d]"
Number:Temperature    Kitchen_Set_Heating          "Küche Soll  [%.1f °C]"                          <heating>        (gKitchenRadiator, eRadiatorKitchen, gRadiatorSet)                                     {channel="homematic:HmIP-eTRV-C:ccu:00119F299438C8:1#SET_POINT_TEMPERATURE", ga="thermostatTemperatureSetpoint"}

The commands within the rule:

//not working:

When i trigger the rule I also get an error at the same line VS code showing me as problematic:

Script execution of rule with UID 'homematic-3' failed: 'sendCommand' is not a member of 'java.lang.Number'; line 72, column 37, length 35 in homematic

I hope someone got an idea.

You’ll need to show the rule with the problem.

I expect you’ve defined a variable of type Number with the same name as one of your Items.

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Thank you very much, that was it!

I had an number variable that i forgot to delete.