Sending a HTTP PATCH in JavaScript (ECMAScript 2021+) rules

I need to send a HTTP PATCH to update an external resource from a JavaScript (ECMAScript 2021+) rule. The actions.HTTP class doesn’t support the PATCH method, so what would be the recommended way to perform the request directly?

You’ll probably need to either import and use the raw Java HTTP classes or call out to curl using executeCommandLine. XmlHttpRequest and other similar JavaScript HTTP classes I don’t think will work in a rules context, but you could give those a try too.

Thanks @rlkoshak - I’ve tested both XmlHttpRequest() and fetch() - neither are available as I believe they are provided by browsers or node as appropriate.

I’ve worked around the need for now using PUT - but it would be ideal to be an option in the HTTP Binding to make it more complete. I’ll log a feature request in the Github project.