Sending actions to Openhab from Internet

I have OH1.8 running on a Raspberry Pi2 - and have it twittering various alarms and statuses with Direct Message Tweets.
So far so good…

Now, I would like to be able to send messages to OH from the Internet - without opening up my firewall and not needing VPN or similar to access my LAN at home.

Ideally, I could just send a Direct Message Tweet like “turn on lights” to the twitter account I use for sending messages out of OH - but how do I do that ? It seems unsupported by the binding ?

Is there some other way of doing what I am aiming for ?

I looked for tweet2mqtt bridges - but it doesnt really seem like a mature option…

I am doing this using Slack. openHAB is connected to my private Slack channels and I can query/update/send commands remotely. There is no need to open up any ports as it is openHAB connecting out to Slack. Works very well for me!

Google slackhab or search the openHAB WIKI for slack integration.

You can use and IFTTT.

I think the mail binding supports receiving commands, but the message needs to be JSON formatted.

If on Android you can use Tasker to issue a REST API call through