Sending commands to google assistant

is it possible to send command to google assistant, f.eks. to play some jazz (or read news, or stream a video or what not…) ?
I know google can send commands to openhab, and that is great. But of course requires you to speak (or type) to google device. I would like a f.eks. button under my table that would tell openhab that it is dinner time, and it should then dim the lights, and ask google home to announce that it is dinner time, and tell it to f.eks. play some music.
I think I read somewhere you can cast to google home which would cover playing music, but giving it a command is way better as it can do much more then.
So instead of me saying “Ok google, $myCommand” the openhab would do the same silently

Something like this assistant relay does
Or is this already possible and I missed it?

I think you can use the Google home device as an audio sink. So you can just use the audio actions with the device in an OH rule when you press your button.

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hi, somebody managed to send commands to google assistant silently?