Sending configuration parameter to REST API with 4 digit code prepends . at the end

HI All,

I am trying to send a configuration parameter to a THING using the REST API. The parameter is a user code, which is between 4 and 10 digits. I am able to do this successfully, however when I do (in this case to a Zwave door lock) the REST API is appending a


at the end.

The curl command is:

curl -X PUT --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "Accept: application/json" -d "{'usercode_code_5':1111,'usercode_label_5':Max}" ""

When I check in Habmin or PaperUI for the Thing, I can see it has .0 at the end. I thought potentially I needed to pad this so when I add 6 x Zero’s, it then gives me a HEX code. Instead of 1111, it displays

31 31 31 31 3E 30

Has anyone seen this or know how to remove the




Did you got solution for this curl command which appends .0 at end and then this usercode is not accessible in the door lock?

Have you tried making the code a string in the JSON instead of a numeric?