Sending notifications to mobile phone (and maybe sending commands from it)

Hi all

I’m a real newbie regarding openHab, and have just recently get it up and running.

Right now there’s not mush happening in the system, but I have a basic “presence” detector on my kids mobile phones.
I don’t have any access to my openHab stuff when I’m away, but typically when I’m at work I would like to get a simple notification to my phone when my kids come home from school.

I guess that this kind of thing can be made in many different ways, but it seems that MQTT seems to be popular. Of what I can see though, that’s just a protocol, right?

To get from my openHab rule to my phone, would I have to use:
Rule -> MQTT binding -> Mosquitto -> MQTTWarn -> Pushbullet -> Phone ?

What do I gain compared to:
Rule -> Exec binding -> script ( curl ) -> Pushbullet -> Phone ?


Why not just using openHABcloud connector? You will have access to your openHAB away from home and you may use the provided notification feature:

Well, that’s an alternative of course.
I just happen to be a pit paranoid about using that. Maybe for no reason since I really can’t argue against using it…


In my case, I’m using Pushover, very reliable, almost no delays, little cost:

A simple
pushover("send this message to my phone")
in your rules is all you need …

Thanks, that really seems to do exactly what I want right now.

I guess I might end up wanting to be able to send not just texts in the future, but right now pushover seems perfect.


Telegram is also an alternative…


in a rule…

Yes, maybe an alternative.

Looking into some of the possible services that might work, I realized that they’re not free.
Not necessarily a problem, but it makes the selection process a bit trickier even though most of the seem to have a trial period that’s free.

I might, for now, just settle for a simple mail sending solution.
A mail sent when my kids phones connect to the network for the first time during say 2pm - 6pm on weekdays would actually be sufficient to do the job.

Not exactly where I want it to end, but it could be a working solution while I expand my knowledge in openHab.