Sending Notifications with MyOpenHab

I currently am getting notifications on my phone when my garage is opened or left open past a certain time and it works pretty well.

But I sort of forgot how I set it up and I can’t seem to figure out to add and send notifications to my wife’s phone. I’ve added her gmail account as a user in MyOpenHab, installed the App (android) on her phone, and then added SendNotification to her email address in my rule.

But the notification didn’t show up. Is there something else I missed?

I’ve confirmed my wife’s phone is connected remotely to with her username (email address) and password. But I don’t see her phone/device showing up in myopenhab


So it turns out the notifications are being received on my wife’s phone, but her device hasn’t shown up in MyOpenHab.


you need to activate the phone in the connector on your local OpenHAB Installation.
Paper UI -> Configuration -> Services -> OpenHAB Cloud connector