sendNotification stop working


I’ve setup sendNotification today for my garage door it did work and eventualy during the day it stop, I’ve tried a bunch of things with no success.

The garage door is a sensor connected to OH2 trough mqtt, I can see the state changing but I don’t receive anymore any notification on my iPhone and neither on the OpenHab Cloud service.

My item is:
/* Contact Door */
String Garage_Door “Garage Door:[%s]” (Garage) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:Boubounouche/Garage/DoorSensor:state:default]"}

My rule is:
rule "Garage Door Notification"
Item Garage_Door changed from Close to Open
sendNotification(“”, “La porte de garage est ouverte.”)

And what I saw on openhab cloud
When What
Today at 11:30 AM La porte de garage est ouverte.
Today at 10:19 AM La porte de garage est ouverte.
Today at 10:04 AM La porte de garage est ouverte.

Any clue?

I’ pretty sure that this line won’t work as expected

Item Garage_Door changed from Close to Open

, because the Item is a string item and these are strings but not states. It should be:

Item Garage_Door changed from "Close" to "Open"

provided that Close and Open are the correct strings. Be aware that maybe the rule won’t fire because the string changed not from Close but from null

From a programmers perspective, I would recommend to use a contact Item if possible, but then the states would be CLOSED and OPEN and I guess that mosquitto does it the wrong way?

Actually, unless this has recently been fixed, you can’t use triggers like that with String Items. Right now I think it only works with Switch and Contacts, maybe Numbers.

I have a bunch of rules in place that will tell me when this gets fixed because it will simplify a lot of my rules.

It is supposed to work that way but is currently broken.

That’s weird… it worked for about an afternoon…

I’m checking the openhab.log and my alarm.rules tells me:
2017-08-03 09:25:06.447 [WARN ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Configuration model ‘alarm.rules’ is either empty or cannot be parsed correctly!