sendNotification to different users locally

I have installed the openHAB cloud service and connected 2 Andoird Smartphones to this service and created 2 Accounts. Every Smartphone has its own account.
This works very good. I can sent notifications with “sendNotification(email,text)” and “sendBroadcastNotification(text)”.
When the Smartphones are connected via WIFI to the local ip adress of openHAB the sendNotification(email,text) is received by both smartphones instead of the correct smatphone account.
I can see in the settings that I can give a local username and passwort. There is nothing entered.
And now the questions:

  • when connected localy the sendNotification(email,text) is not working because it’s local, correct?
  • how can I sent notifications to different users when the smartphones are connected locally?
  • where can I create the accounts for the local sign in?

I hope someone understands my problem and can help me.

This has no effect on notifications, when you send a notification its triggered in the cloud addon, to the cloud service, then to Google Firebase to be delivered as a push notification to your phone. There is no awareness of if your phone is connected locally or remote for this to happen as long as you have connected at least once to the cloud service (which is how we do the initial registration of your phone to receive messages) . There is not a concept of local notifications on mobile.

openHAB 2.5 does not have a concept of a user, this only exists in the cloud service to support multiple remote logins. OH3.x, which will be coming later this year, does support the concept of users as well as oAuth authentication.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. Your informations gave me the solution.

When I first connected both phones I used the same user and later I used an other user. But the phones where both registered at the first user.

Now I deleted the decives in the cloud and connected again without WIFI and now every user has one device and gets only the messages he should.

So thank you very much.