SendTweet method not defined

I have set up the tweet action in openhab 2 using the instructions at

and received a successful authorization but cannot get a rule to fire using the sendTweet method as sendTweet(‘status update message’).
Is there an import that must include to get my rules file to see the java class ?
I tried adding
import org.openhab.action.twitter.*
I have the jar files
/usr/share/openhab2/runtime/system/org/openhab/action/org.openhab.action.twitter/1.9.0.b5/org.openhab.action.twitter-1.9.0.b5.jar and
I have also copied the org.openhab.action.twitter-1.9.0.b5.jar to the addons folder

any hints on how to get the rule to fire would be appreciated

Are you seeing errors in Designer or the logs? Designer right now is not able to recognize non-default Actions like this, but it will run just fine.

Did you install the action through PaperUI or the Karaf Console? You shouldn’t be messing with or copying jar files around anywhere for officially supported add-ons (i.e. those that can be installed through PaperUI).

Finally, Actions do not fire rules. Events fire a rule. So you have a trigger in the rule that defines what event should occur to cause the body of the rule to run. Then your sendTweet will run.

Please post your rule and relevant Items.

Hi Rich
Sorry, it has taken me a while to get back to this problem
The rule in my rules config file, the code to fire Twitter is

rule "Sensor Heart Beat1"
  Item mqtthb1 received update
sendTweet('status update message')
  postUpdate(mqtthb1Time, new DateTimeType())

The sendTweet function is not defined (I am using eclipsesmarthome designer)
I installed twitter using the paperUI. In the actions page I can see

Twitter Action
action-twitter - 1.9.0.b5 is installed

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it

One of the known problems with Designer right now is it does not recognize installed Actions. Do you get errors in the logs when you try to run it?