Senec V4

We have a Senec Storage V4.
I have installed the Senec Home Binding, but entering the correct IP i get a 405 error.
Can you please help me?
In the description of the binding the version v4 isn’t listed as supported Version… perhaps it exist another binding or another add-on to get the dates from senec cloud perhaps?

The Senec Home 4 doesn’t have a local interface, so the only way to get Data for the Senec Home 4 is either from the website or from the gateway which is uses by the Senec mobile APP.
Ich have made the effort to document all the Servies that could get data from the APP gateway to use them in a binding.
I personally don’t use openhab but homeassistant instead. Meanwhile I have provided the servie documentation to the openhab and Homeassistant developers for the corresponding binding / integration so they might implement the app-gateway to get data for Home 4 Systems