Senic friends of hue


can someone tell me how to get a “senic friends of hue” switch integrated into OH3?

br Matthias

start here? Developer Guide | openHAB

openHAB is just a group of volunteer developers.

Hi Matthias,
I have one of those switches, and several similar of other brands. I am using both the deCONZ binding as well as the HUE binding for those. With similarly excellent response times.


Thanks for the hint. I also use the deCONZ and HUE binding. Can you tell me how the paring process works?

br Matthias,.

Thank you. I found it.

Swicth - Friends of Hue - doesnt’ work in deconz/conbee Stick · Issue #1936 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub