Sense Energy Monitor on Sale at Amazon - $239.00

I’ve been contemplating getting this energy-usage-monitor for some time now, and Amazon has just dropped the price substantially (by 20% i.e., from $300 to $240). I have read some mixed reviews about it (e.g., it takes a long time for it to ‘learn’). I’m tempted but hesitant. Do any on the community have experience with such device?

  1. How reliable/durable
  2. Integration with OpenHAB
  3. Customer Service (a big one for me, especially due to recent ‘event’ with TP-Link)
  4. Comparison to other systems out there (very few offer built-in ‘smarts’ that recognize various appliances)
  5. Else …
  1. There is no official API provided. It looks like someone may have reverse engineered an unofficial API. so you will be looking at either writing a binding yourself, rewriting the access in OH Rules, or using the Exec binding to call these Python scripts. If you use Jython Rules, you might be able to use the Python scripts directly in your Rules.

Beyond that I have no experience with this product or the company.

Thank you … it looks like it’s a bit early to ‘adopt’ such product. Curious about getting it to work with OpenHAB, but at this stage I’m more interested in the ‘Plug-n-Play’ approach. :slight_smile: