senseBox binding

I have written an openHAB2 binding to fetch data from senseBox installations. Besides the usual temperature and pressure readings, those boxes have sensors Ultra-Violet radiation and generic visible light illumination.

It is not very widely tested yet (the binding having reached “pull request ready” status just this evening) but I am running the current code with two remote endpoints (one being my garden, the other the “Zugspitze”.

I have submitted a pull request to integrate the binding into openHAB2, but until it is well peer reviewed and merged into the core, you can download a pre-compiled jar from the Eclipse marketplace:

and drop it into your “addons” directory.

I would be delighted if some of you guys could give it a little test. the quickest way to play with this addon would be to:

  • download the jar and put it into your addons directory.
  • possibly restart your openHAB instance
  • go to
  • find a box in a nice place you are interested in, for example the “Zugspitze” in Bavaria
  • clicking on the box leads you to an “explore” page
  • the part after the “…/explore” is the node ID.
  • go to the Paper UI and create a senseBox thing and provide the ID you just have found
  • enjoy any data you fetch and tell me of your use cases :smile:

The full documentation is in the on github:

I have updated the precompiled jar with support for the image URL of the box and an improved example including a sitemap. It is the version from December 26th, the current state of the pull request.

The precompiled jar is on the Eclipse marketplace now.

With much help and patience from @Kai and @martinw72, this binding is merged into the core now :slight_smile:

I am removing it from the marketplace,as it will be in the “official” build from tonight on.

Hello Hakan,
Thanks for the Bindind SenseBox - now I can also retrieve my data from my sensor!
I just have one problem: all values appear in the sitemap, except the barometric pressure.
The following message appears in the events.log:

2018-04-05 12: 47: 28.409 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - home_PM2dot5 changed from NULL to 1.37
2018-04-05 12: 47: 28.409 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - home_Location changed from NULL to 52.475727,13.316314,3.5
2018-04-05 12: 47: 28.409 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - home_Pressure changed from NULL to UNDEF
2018-04-05 12: 47: 28.409 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - home_Humidity changed from NULL to 50.69
2018-04-05 12: 47: 28.409 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - home_Temperature changed from NULL to 16.57

Can you give a tip to a beginner?

Hi @joergzschimmer ,

Sorry to have overlooked this question for so long.

If the question is still valid, could you perhaps give me your sensebox id so I can have a look at the data stream?