Sensitive Actors opening my Door


I have finally connected an Arduino to my key-Door. I am now able to open it with a command to a local python-webserver.

However: I do not feel fine having it as an item in openhab. Since this would just be another angle to open the door for somebody unauthorized.

How have you handled this part of automation?



ps. The door can be opened, however it then springs open and can only be closed by hand.

Use a secure Z-Wave lock with keycodes?

Do you have measures to prevent access to the lock via basicui?

If the lock does not require a locking code for that you either need to password protect openHAB or choose a more secure home automation system.

If you use Google Assistant, you could set up your arduino as a lock that requires a passcode. Then you could leave it off of your sitemap so that it’s only accessible by voice. I’m not sure if the same is possible with Alexa.

The way I look at it, is someone going to go to the trouble of hacking into your network and finding your sitemap so that they can unlock your door and walk through the front entrance, or are are they just going to break your window?

Personally, I’d be more concerned about the arduino triggering for some unknown reason (not necessarily related to openHAB) and opening your door while you’re away.

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