Sensor Configuration (Inovelli 4-in-1 multisensor), and oddly briefly reported in celsius before farenheit

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I recently purchased the Inovelli 4-in-1 multisensor, and have it correctly adopted to my z-wave network. The sensor seems to have initially transmitted celsius, and then changed to farenheit temperature data, based on the grafana data. This is for a variable I never had data coming into previously.

There is no configuration parameter for the device for Celsius/Fahrenheit, unlike the other multisensors that I have. The documentation also has an annoying comment of frustration that the temperature reporting interval variable is a derivative of a celsius unit. (I consider all non-metric units to be an abomination, in general :wink:

I have yet to hear back from inovelli about this.
My questions:
Does anyone else know of a (better) way of doing this?
Does it make sense that the sensor initially seems to have reported in celsius, then switched to farenheit? (during a time I wasn’t changing any configuration parameters whatsoever for the sensor, and kept it inside the house the entire time - just building historical data, before setting up rules)
Is it easier to do unit conversion in openhab?
For reference:


That Temperature channel is type Temperature which means openHAB Units of Measurement affect the readings. If you have set nothing then OH does not know what units to use. :wink:

Ah, a setting I forgot to (re) set after my unintentional fresh start.
For others, in PaperUI:
Configuration > System > Regional Settings - CLICK [Show More] - then the option for metric/imperial is shown.

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