Sensor send power as kW, OH interprets it as W

I am running OH 3.4.4.
I have a enbrighten Zigbee switch that has metering function.
I am trying to display the Power and total Energy consumed. I am using in my sitemap:

  Default item=MT_Instantaneous_Demand label="Power [ %.2f W ]"
  Default item=MT_Metering_Summation_Delivered label="Energy Used [ %.2f kWh ]"

The Energy consumed looks correct, however, the Power is wrong by a factor 1000. I am presuming the switch is sending kW values and OH thinks they are W.
How can I fix this with the UI?

West is in the item definition? Also W? Try changing that to kW. A complete separation between internal unit and display will be available with OH4.

I guess that is what I am not understanding/finding: where in the item UI are the item’s units defined?

Actually, whatever units I put in the label format, the displayed number is the same. Is my format incorrect?
I also saw a discussion about the “pattern” metadata but I don’t see “pattern” in the UI’s list of metadata types to add.

If you configure your items in UI, add a state description (under “Metadata”). Use %.3f kW or similar. This should fix it in MainUI. My understanding is that a label in the sitemap takes precedence and %.2f W should display the value in W.

The label in UI configured things is really only a label. It’s only combined label/state description in .items files.

Thanks. That did it. So the meta data pattern under State Description formats the raw number without conversion and associate the units therein to the input number. Then the pattern I put for the sitemap is used to convert to the units I want for display.