Separate Zigbee USB Stick from Raspi

Right now I am using an Zigbee USB Stick with zigbee2mqtt directly connected to my Raspi with Openhab. This OH Server is placed in cellar or far away from my sensors.

Because of that, I have to use zigbee-repeater to ensure zigbee throughout the house.

My Question is, does anyone know a solution that i use the zigbeestick as a kind of zigbee<->Wlan gateway, so that i can bring the stick closer to the sensors.

Sensor ----> ZigbeeStick <-> WLAN ---------------------------------------------- WLAN <-> Raspi with Openhab

By using zigbee2mqtt you’ve pretty much got all that already. You just need a device like an rpi to connect it to close to your sensor, then just make sure zigbee2mqtt on that new rpi talks to your MQTT broker!

However, it might be worth first trying to plug your stick into a USB extender, away from the rpi. I have this setup, and get much better range even with a short extender than when plugged directly into the rpi.

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I hoped to be able to use a different solution than having to use a Raspi again. :frowning:

I hoped that someone did something new like a Zigbee Stick + ESP8xxx.
This would be nice.

Another thing that bothers me is that you have to remove the stick every time you update it and install the new software version with great effort. I don’t have an USB debugger and have to ask always a friend to do it for me.

Why has no one found a way to do a remote update yet? :-(((((

If I could program it, I would. :wink:

Oh, I haven’t updated mine at all. Are you doing this because of new features?

A cc2530 can be used as a coordinator with esp8266 see here