Seperators in Frames

Hi there.
Just tried to add all my Netatmo-stuff into one frame in my sitemap.
Added group “Netatmo” to all items and added a frame.
But now all items are there without sperators. See picture:

How can i seperate them to rooms?

Create subframes with labels:

Frame {
    Frame label="Bedroom" {
        Text item=BedroomTemperature
    Frame label="Front Room" {
         Text item=FrontRoomTemperature

Hm. I’m not sure where to put.
Now i work with Group item:

	Frame label="Haus"{
    Group item=gHaus label="Haus" icon="house"
    Group item=gGA	label="Garage"	icon="garage"
    Group item=gGAR	label="Garten"	icon="garden"
    Group item=Netatmo label="Netatmo" icon="temperature"

Hi MettyS,

Have you got a solution for that? I have also added my items via Group und want so separate them.


This is an old post. But I also wanted to add separator inside frames. I did create subframes as suggested here, unfortunately, doing this, the frames are not displayed correctly in the Android App ‘OpenHab’. The subframes do not appear.


PS.: this is discussed here: Content of nested frames is not shown

Is nested frams ok, I read you says it is not supported before

No, you will get errors in the logs and not all UIs will render them.

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Thanks a lot