Content of nested frames is not shown

it use nested frames to structure the UI. In general this works everywhere e. g. the webinterface, but not in the Android App.
In the Android app the content of nested frames is empty. Only the labelname of the nested frames is shown.
Maybe i do something wrong, but i double checked my syntax.

sitemap default label="blabla" 
	Frame label="Markisen" {
		Default item=Wohnzimmer_Markise_BlindsControl 
		Slider item=Wohnzimmer_Markise_BlindsControl
		Default item=Esszimmer_Markise_BlindsControl 
		Slider item=Esszimmer_Markise_BlindsControl
//	Group  item=Group_Shutter_Markisen
	Frame label="Heizung" {
	    Default item=Keller_Heizung_OutsideTemp icon="temperature"
		Default item=Keller_Heizung_BoilerTemp icon="temperature"
		Default item=Keller_Speicher_HotwaterTemp icon="temperature"
		Default item=Keller_Speicher_Circuitpump
		Default item=Keller_Brenner_Error
		Default item=Keller_Brenner_Starts
		Default item=Keller_Brenner_OnTime
		Chart item=gChartTemps period=D refresh=60000
		Frame label="Heizkreis 1 (DG)" {
			Selection item=Keller_Heizkreis1_OperationMode mappings=[5="Aus", 0="Warmwasser", 3="Heizung"]
			Default item=Keller_Heizkreis1_Pump
			Default item=Keller_Heizkreis1_SaveMode
			Default item=Keller_Heizkreis1_PartyMode
		Frame label="Heizkreis 2 (EG)" {
			Selection item=Keller_Heizkreis2_OperationMode mappings=[5="Aus", 0="Warmwasser", 3="Heizung"]
			Default item=Keller_Heizkreis2_Pump
			Default item=Keller_Heizkreis2_SaveMode
			Default item=Keller_Heizkreis2_PartyMode


Change the type of

Frame label="Heizkreis 1(DG)" { ....


Text label="Heizkreis 1(DG)" { .....
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Tanks for your proposal. I know that these blocks build links to another view.
But i want to see the information at a glance. So i prefer nested frames.
My workaround is to put the “Heizkreis 1 (DG)” and “Heizkreis 2 (EG)” in separate frames.
But nested frames should work too.

I did try that two years ago and after a bit of aksing around I think it’s not possible.
Have you tried to put your items in a group and putting a group item in the frame?

Subframes are not supported. When you try to use them you should be seeing warnings telling you this. I think the web UIs will render them but the phone apps will not.

Right, you will see a warning in the openhab log, when the sitemap is reloaded. They work “accidentally” in basic ui.

I understand, that it is to much work to support nested frames in the app. I also found the warning in the log - now.
But i think it was fixed in WB UI about one year ago (but not accidentally).

Nevertheless, thank you for this information. so i will not longer wait for a fix. I now use 3 separate frames one after the other.