SEPIA Open Assistant - Privacy respecting, self-hosted voice-control

Hi openHAB community :slight_smile:

I just wanted to quickly share my open-source voice assistant project with you since it’s using openHAB to control my smart-home lights for months now.

SEPIA is a personal, digital assistant that consists of a server that runs on Java (just like openHAB) and a HTML5 based cross-platform client that runs on any browser, Android and iOS. You can read more about it on the SEPIA Framework homepage.

In contrast to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, SEPIA is self-hosted by YOU :wink: meaning that every bit of data collected by your assistant is 100% under your control and stays private! If you have Java installed already (likely since you are using openHAB) then the installation of the server can be done in 10min or less.
After the installation you can check the “next steps” section to see how you can connect to openHAB.

If you you’re missing some features (openHAB integration is still pretty basic) there is an SDK to build your own smart-services and every bit of code is open-source so feel free to contribute :slight_smile:

Hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome ^_^.

For pictures, videos and latest news you can follow SEPIA on Twitter as well @sepia_fw.


I am currently running OH, MQTT , Node Red etc as docker containers in Ubuntu 16.
Would you happen to have Sepia as a docker installation ? If so, can you give the guide for it?

much thanks!

Hi J Wee, thanks for your interest :slight_smile:
I’ve just uploaded a docker image to Docker HUB:
It is not really tested and probably needs some more documentation ^^, but maybe it can help you to get started already!

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Thanks! Will definately give it a go!

Got an error response with “docker pull sepia/home” about manifest not found

Hey J,

sorry for the late reply, I must have missed the part about the error somehow :-/
Can you specify when the error happens exactly? I’ve tried it with Debian and Docker for Windows and both are running fine. I’m also not aware of any manifest file :thinking: