Serial Binding help!

Hi All,

I’m currently trying to control my now ageing Nuvo Grand Concerto over RS232 connected directly to my Pi running openhabian.

If i run the below from terminal i can control the Nuvo and also get a reply showing in the openhab log:

Command In Terminal: $ echo -e “*Z6POWER \r\n” > /dev/ttyUSB0
Reply in Log File: 2019-05-06 23:33:50.204 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - NuvoRS232 changed from #ALLOFF to #Z6,ON,SRC2,VOL60,DND0,LOCK0

This means that openhab is actually reading the correct serial port and also leads me to believe that the permissions are in place.

However I am not sure if i would need to create any additional items in the .items file

all i have at the moment is the below:
String NuvoRS232 “NuvoRS232 [%s]” { serial="/dev/ttyUSB0@57600" }

I have created the following button on HabPanel:

but it seems to be doing absolutely nothing apart from writing the below in the log file:

Is there something very obvious i might be missing? I have seen people using rules etc to control serial but to be honest i can’t understand why and if i need rules and a sitemap if all i want to use is HabPanel. Obviously i might be missing something very obvious, so i would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Because you may not be able to do it all just from HABPanel.

What you need to do is send a command to this Item, or some other Item that consists of that String.

If you need to do just simple ON/OFF, create a Switch Item and configure the On and OFF transformation as described in the binding docs.

Sometimes there isn’t just a simple translation like this possible so users write rules to convert, for example, 50% set to a Dimmer Item to the String that needs to be sent you the serial device.

Thanks for your reply!

Excuse the stupid question, but isn’t this enough to send a command to the device?

unfortunately the binding docs for the serial binding are not the most self explanatory thing i ever read :slight_smile: or maybe it should be so simple and im getting confused.

I don’t use HABPanel so I don’t know.

I wrote a native binding for the Nuvo GC & Essentia G. It is not merged in to the mainline yet… But you can find the jar here if you want to try it out: