Serial Binding [Switch items by shorting pins 2 and 7 on the RS-232]

Hey all,

On the openhab serial binding wiki page it says the following:

Switch items with this binding will receive an ON-OFF update on the bus, whenever data becomes available on the serial interface (or simply by short-cutting pins 2 and 7 on the RS-232 interface)<

SO, to test this, I grabbed an RS-232 end, and stock some wires on pins 2 and 7. I plugged this into my serial port (Note: this is a real serial port /dev/ttyS0 on my Linux box, not a USB -> Serial device) and configured openhab this way:


Switch HardwareButton "Bell" (Entrance)  { serial="/dev/ttyS0" }


Switch item=HardwareButton

I added the following to the startup script as suggested in the binding page:

made sure my openhab user i sin the dialout group (and rebooted after I added open to group dialout)

$ groups openhab
openhab : openhab dialout

After all of the changes I restarted openhab and even tried rebooting.

I then short my pin 2 to pin 7 and I get no change in the item’s state.

I’m wondering, has anyone actually successfully done this? I’m not sure where to go from here. I see nothing about the serial binding listed in the log.